Age Restrictions

Regarding Under 18 Year Olds

Female Fighters Camp is aimed at adults and advanced juniors, 14 years and above.

Therefore, we want to ensure clarity regarding any under 18-year olds attending as there are differences between this camp and other camps they may have attended.


We ask that any under 18s have at least a couple years training experience, whether from Wrestling, Judo or BJJ.

They will be responsible for their own learning throughout the camp.

If you are unsure you meet this criteria please message us.


Attending Training Only

If your under 18 does not intend to stay onsite the rules may be slightly relaxed.

We would prefer that they still know an adult who is training, but if experienced we may overlook this on a case by case basis.

If under 14s meet our training requirements and/or can be vouched for by a coach or adult camp attendee we will consider allowing them to train.


Overnight Campers

Campers onsite will not be closely monitored.

They will be responsible for their own camp experience, including time between training sessions and evenings and their behaviour whether they are on or off site.

They will have to source their own lunch and dinners at the camp.

We reserve the right to deny accommodation to an u18s if they do not meet the criteria discussed on this page.


Adult Accompanier

Please ensure that any under 18s have an over 18 accompianer at the camp. We will ask for the names of them before the camp.

This could be a parent, a friend, a team mate, a coach. As long as this person is a camp attendee also.

We try to ask that any over 18s are not accompanying more than 5 minors unless cleared by staff members.

Parents  cannot stay  unless they too are training at the camp (female only).

We will not be taking parental responsibility for any under 18-year-old as an organisation.


Remember it will not be compulsory to attend all sessions throughout the camp. This camp is about bringing different levels together and allowing them to optimise their time based on their personal ability, fitness and desire to learn.

Camp attendees are expected to act independently. We will endeavour to help whenever possible, but we will need to be approached if there are any additional requests.


We reserve the right to turn away under 18s if we do not think they meet our criteria, even if they have already booked on.

In this case we will issue a refund.


We have not yet had to turn anyone away and hope not to in the future, but we ask that you respect and understand this camp is marketed for adults. We have no intention of changing the demographic towards a younger audience.