Camp Guidelines

What to bring…

  • 2-3 gis
  • A few rash guards
  • A few pairs of spats/leggings
  • Gum Shield (optional)
  • Flip Flops/Sliders - No bare feet walking around off the mats
  • Clothes for any type of weather.
  • Swimwear if you want to use the hot tub or ice bath
  • Pillows
  • Eye Masks
  • Ear Plugs
  • Whatever you need to get a good nights sleep!

The beds are very basic bunk beds and bedding is provided.

Please respect your fellow camp mates and have no noise/lights after 11pm.

There are places to go if you want to chill out after this time.

  • Any Group games like Cards Against Humanity
  • Beverages
  • Towels
  • Shampoo/Conditioner/Shower Gel
  • Snacks

Nearest shops….

There is an Asda a 15 min walk away.

Evening Meals....

These aren't included in the packages, however, we are looking at going out again to a restaurant on Friday and ordering in Pizza on Saturday.

These will cost extra and there is no requirement for you to join us for this.

There is a microwave, oven, kettle in the kitchen if you have anything that you want to warm up. Please just clean up after yourselves as during the day staff will be there preparing our other meals.

Rules for training….

  • Don’t go crazy
  • Roll with respect anyone can ask anyone for a roll but anyone can refuse as well, just do it respectfully!
  • Listen to your body
  • Enjoy
  • Respect your fellow camp mates
  • Ask questions - the instructors are there to help, as are other camp attendees, you can learn from everyone
  • Ask before filming
  • Shower before using the hot tub/ice bath
  • No outdoor shoes in the dojo
  • Report any issues or concerns to Sophie or Danielle

*Take a break when you need to *

No one is judging how much of the camp you do.

We are all there to learn and listen to our bodies. Everyone is different and we are all at different stages of our journey.

We aren't there to push ourselves to injury or to the point it is no longer enjoyable.

Train how is best for you. How best you learn, do not worry if that doesn't match anyone else.


NO ONE will be belittled for sitting out.

NO ONE will be forced to join in anything that they aren't comfortable with.

NO ONE will be made to feel lesser for how they choose to participate in this camp.

Getting there……

The nearest train station is Oxenholme station and Kendal station is also close by.

By car - Kendal is just off the M6, junction 36 or 37.

Any questions - please see the FB page, message, whatsapp or call 07563541473, email



Danielle here -

This is especially important to me. I want everyone to know this camp will be tolerant.

I went through my main training years taking a lot of judgement from people for how I trained.
I have severe Hypermobility (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome). Although didn't always have the label. My collagen is too stretchy. My muscles have to make up the slack. If they get tired I sublax joints of full on dislocate.
I haven't always been able to explain it properly to people. My PARQ forms are always a nightmare!

I got berated as a heavyweight, called lazy, shouted at because I didn't train in a traditional manner. Because I protected my joints, and had lots of niggles that I always had ways to work round. I worked with specialists and figured out alternative exercises to still get me to my goal. I have arthritis, I have tendinitis, I had limitations, but I had a lot of things I could do, just with slight deviations from the traditional training.

Then add in the fact that I am very high anxiety and don't learn the same as everybody else. I can be obsessive, I can be hard on myself. I can ask a million questions as I always need to know why else my brain just doesn't work.
It turned out I have Inattentive ADHD. It isn't well known, it doesn't present the same as hyperactive type most known in the media. I've been told I don't have it because, a coach thinks they know what ADHD is and it ain't me. Even though they don't hand over control medication for no reason.

There have been flippant comments, there have been bigger discussions. But little flippant comments can hurt just as much.

I've had panic and anxiety attacks on the mat. I have been petrified to go train with new people, to be judged every time by what I can't do instead of what I can do. I've been told it makes me not good enough, that I shouldn't have been doing Judo.

I've avoided camps or training opportunities in fear on being judged as just a fat lazy heavyweight.


Sophie was the coach that helped turn this around, stuck by me and I ended up on the GB team, even with my non traditional training methods, that oddly seemed to actually have quite a bit of science supporting those methods.

Sadly, my stomach decided to stop processing food correctly and put a halt to my training and competing, but it wasn't my training methods that limited me.


So please believe me when I say these camps are INCLUSIVE and yours to enjoy in whatever form that takes.

I take great pride in helping arrange these camps and creating the type of environment that wasn't always available to me.